My Daughter’s Make Over Your Mornings Video (adorable!)

Rachel gave me permission to share this email and video:

Thank you for your Make Over Your Mornings program! You were the jumpstart I needed to get my morning routine going again now that my third daughter is 8 months old. Thank you so much for inspiring me to set goals again and get back into regular Bible reading, prayer, and working out!

You have a genuine gift for motivating women in practical ways. I finished your program about a week ago and I am excited to continue what I learned and the habits I started. I am finding such joy and peace starting my days ahead rather than feeling like I am behind and trying to catch up all day.

I challenged another friend to do the course as well and now we are keeping each other accountable as well as exercising together several mornings a week before our kids wake up.

My 4 and 5 year old daughters saw me watching your videos some morning when they woke up. Soon, they became little accountability partners! One night recently I heard them chattering in their room after bedtime. I went in and found out that they were “being Crystal Paine ” and pretending to be on a video.

So I recorded them doing their Crystal Paine impression yesterday and wanted to share it with you! You are inspiring little girls too! By the way, my daughter Annika made up the whole script herself. -Rachel

Oh my goodness! Is that video not the cutest thing ever?? I had to watch it multiple times because I just couldn’t help myself!




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