My 4 Favorite Scopers to Follow

My 4 Favorite Scopers to Follow

So I know I’ve been talking about Periscope a lot. And that might be because I’ve fallen madly, madly in love.

I never thought I would like live video. And honestly, the first week or two I got on Periscope and started regularly scoping, it was way, way outside my comfort zone.

But folks, I have never been so excited about another social media platform. And I know exactly why: I love that it’s real-time. I love that I’m connecting with you live. I love that it allows me to be more real than I can ever be with words on a page.

Yes, it’s not as polished or edited as a blog post. Yes, I can sometimes get off track. Yes, I sometimes say something incorrectly or say “um” or “and so” as filler words too often. Yes, there are some scopes I’ve deleted from the replays on my Katch account because it felt like I just went around and around in circles. And yes, there are almost always trolls that I have to be vigilant about blocking.

But all of these negatives don’t change the fact that Periscope allows me to connect with you all in a much more authentic, deep, real-life, and meaningful way than I ever have been able to before. And I just LOVE it!

If you are new to Periscope and looking for Scopers to follow, here are 4 I love who usually scope daily or at least multiple times per week:

4 Periscope Accounts to Follow

1. Jon Acuff

I love Jon Acuff. He is an amazing writer and marketer, plus he is quirky and funny! He does such a fantastic job at creating community in his tribe.

In fact, there are words and phrases used in the Jon Acuff tribe that would make absolutely no sense and look like a foreign language to someone who is not in the tribe. That’s how much of a community he has created. It’s inspiring!

He is also a real-life friend of mine who lives here in Nashville. I love seeing how his real life mirrors his online life with authenticity and integrity.


2. Kristi from Raising Clovers

If you are a homeschool mom, I think you will absolutely love Kristi’s scopes. She is fun, hilarious, energetic, and super enthusiastic!

I met Kristi at a conference a while back, and she gave me SO much great advice as a newbie scoper. I have learned infinite amounts of valuable information from watching her scopes.

If you are thinking about jumping in and starting on Periscope, check out her new book The Scoop On Scope for inspiration on how to make the most of Periscope.

My 4 Favorite Periscopers to Follow

3. Chalene Johnson

Chalene is actually the person who inspired me to start scoping in the first place. She convinced me of how powerful of a community engaging tool Periscope can truly be.

Most importantly, she is a great example of how to use Periscope to give people such incredibly valuable information. I find her business and confidence scopes to be hugely helpful in my life.

Want more information on getting started on Periscope? Download her free Periscope Tip Sheet here.


4. Mackenzie Monroe at Bold Turquoise

Mackenzie is a homeschool mom, and she is such an inspiration to me as a wife and mom.

When I first sent out an e-mail to my followers asking if anyone uses Periscope, I received a reply from Mackenzie telling me she had been a scoper for a while on her morning show Cultivating the Lovely.

I get a lot of e-mails from people telling me about their products, shows, and blogs. I check them out, but most of the time I find that it’s not something that is a perfect fit for me.

But I checked out Mackenzie’s show, and I fell in love! Every morning between 6:30 and 7 PT, she scopes on her morning show to encourage Christian moms in how to cultivate loveliness in your home. It is very encouraging to find ways to make the seemingly mundane a little more lovely each day.

Which scopers do you love to follow? Leave a comment and let me know! 

P.S. Thinking of trying your hand at Periscope? Watch my video here on How to Be a Rockstar on Periscope.

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