Why I Set the Goal of Handlettering in 2016 + My 6 Favorite Resources

What I'm Learning from Handlettering

A few weeks ago, I posted my goals for 2016 and the goal that people have asked the most questions about is my goal to “Spend 5 Minutes Handlettering Every Day.”

Because I’ve been receiving the same questions over and over again, I thought it was high time I write a post to explain more what handlettering is, why I chose this goal, what my end game is with picking this goal, and six of my favorite handlettering resources so far.

What is Handlettering?

Handlettering is basically just perfecting an artistic style of writing. It could be using a pen, markers, a brush, or calligraphy pens. There are a million different variations on styles — and they are all right because handlettering is an art form, not a systematic way of writing.

Why I Chose the Goal of Handlettering

I’ve long admired the beautiful handwritten quotes I see on Pinterest, on walls, Instagram, and on products. But I always felt like that wasn’t something I could ever do, “because I’m not artistic”.

And I let that belief hold me back from even trying handlettering. I was so afraid of not being able to do it, that I didn’t try.

But then I realized how silly that was. If it was something I wanted to do, why should I let the fear of failure keep me from jumping out and attempting to learn something. 

Why I’m Putting My Imperfect Out There

So I’m jumping out and getting brave. Not only am I publicly posting this as my goal, but I’m also putting my imperfect progress out there on Instagram and here on my blog.

This is kind of scary for me because I’m a perfectionist, by nature. But I hope that by putting my imperfect out there — and sharing my progress and practice attempts — it inspires you to pick an area of your life to get brave with.

We will miss out on so much in life if we’re always holding back and saying, “I’m not going to put it out there until it’s perfect.”

My Longterm Goals with Handlettering

Truth be told, at first I felt almost a little bit embarrassed to put it out there that I had set a personal goal to do 5 minutes of handlettering every day. When I was thinking about goals, though, I realized this was something that would not only be fun and really inspire me, but it would be something I could use in many different ways.

I can use lettering to write cards to people. I can use it to make signs to put around our house. I can use it to make graphics for social media. I can even use it to write pretty to-do lists every day!

Most importantly, it’s a gift I can give myself: to be intentional about taking time to sit down and quietly focus on creating something beautiful. I also love that it encourages me to exercise a different kind of creativity than I usually am exercising — which I think is a very good and healthy thing to prioritize.

My longterm goal is to practice and improve in handlettering so I can write out quotes in a very artistic form so that these words would inspire myself and others.

My Top 5 Favorite Handlettering Resources

Putting My Imperfect Out There

Putting My Imperfect Out There

My 5 Favorite Handlettering Resources


My 6 Favorite Handlettering Resources (so far!)

CreativLei — I credit Lisa with first sparking my interest in handlettering… I watched her on scope and was so intrigued that I started to peek into what it was. And little by little, I started to get the itch to try it and perfect it.

Hand-Lettering for Everyone — This book was a Christmas gift from MacKenzie and it’s what really inspired me to set the goal of daily handlettering in 2016 the first place. I had been toying with the idea, but when this book showed up, I knew I wanted to go for it. If you are looking for a beginning book to inspire with dozens of different ideas and handlettering styles, definitely check this one out. I love it! I love how they break things down so it feels so much more doable! 

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers — These are BEST markers! They are pricey, but they work so well and are so fun to use!

LissLetters — Some of my readers recommended I follow LissLetters on Instagram and she’s really inspired. She posts a plethora of handlettering photos and videos and her work is amazing!

The #Handlettering Hashtag on Instagram — There’s a wealth of inspiration by checking out the hashtag #handlettering on Instagram. Many creative folks not only share pictures but short little video tutorials –which I find highly helpful and instructive!

Dawn Nicole — She offers a free online Art & Handlettering Class, too. Check out her Pinterest board here for more inspiration.


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