If mama’s cup is empty, everyone suffers

When mama's cup is empty, everyone suffers

The kids are asleep. The house is quiet. The kitchen is clean. What should I do??

24-year-old Crystal would have taken that as a sign it’s time to dive into the project list and tackle as many things as I possibly could before my eyes wouldn’t stay open any longer.

34-year-old Crystal sees that as a sign to set aside the to do list and instead do something to wind down, refuel her tank, and then go to bed early.

Maybe I’m just getting older and less energetic, but I hope it’s more so because I’m becoming wiser and recognize that there will be time tomorrow to tackle the to do list. For now, I need to take care of ME so that I’ll be able to take care of others well in the morning.

If mama’s cup is empty, everyone suffers.

(I’m just starting this book tonight. Have you read it??)


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