Wintery woodland queen

 Ugh, winter. We don’t get on at all. I quite enjoyed winter when it was still summer-like weather, but then the cold had to come and ruin everything. And now the school holidays are here and of course so is the rain! ALL WEEK, apparently. So it’s going to be one big craft-a-thon here these next few days, me thinks. I have a few up my sleeve and I’ll do my best to post them here in case you’re in the same boat and after some kids craft inspiration. 
Perhaps you could start with a nature crown. Last week, a flower hunt on the walk home from school yielded lots of pretty flowers, so I added them to a stick crown I’d started making a day earlier. A little greenery sandwiched in-between and it became quite the flora headpiece. It’s not one to last for long – and it’s hardly made delicately (hello glue gun!) – but they’ll have fun feeling like a woodland fairy queen for a day…


Two strips of fabric

Sticks in assorted lengths

An assortment of flowers

A bit of greenery – we used a few sprigs from our conifer trees

A hot glue gun

Easy how-to

1. Glue your sticks to one length of the fabric in the centre.

2. Glue on the greenery followed by flowers

3. Run the glue gun along the whole length of the fabric over the flowers and press the second strip over the top, sandwiching the sticks and flowers in-between the two strips of fabric.

4. Wrap around the head and pin place or use velcro dots to hold in place.

See? Easy! I’d have made the fabric strips slightly narrower as it did swamp Layla’s little head! Ha! Contrary to the first few pics where she is all Grumplestiltskin* (because my camera not focusing was keeping her from running on the rocks. The horror), she loved the crown. Tomorrow? We’re making lion masks. Rrrrrooooarr.
*Grumplestiltskin is my favourite tease for when they’re grumpy. Annika is the grumpiest Grumplestiltskin of all. She’s hilarious.


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